Monday, July 26

7/23 Food For a Week

Friday I realized that I'm a bad parent to my car. I finally took him in for an oil change and not only was my inspection sticker 6 months out of date (whoops! good thing I haven't gotten pulled over in that time) but I realized that I've never ever changed the air filter. I took care of all three of those things and declined all of the rest of the extra services offered (seriously, super-polite JiffyLube dude, do I look like I'm made of money?!)(Also, the local JiffyLube has about sixteen cute guys working there which made me wish that I didn't look so scruffy Friday afternoon).

The bad thing about having to get my oil changed was that I didn't have any time for dinner before work, which naturally meant that there were no messed up pizzas (that were edible at least, I still maintain that pineapple is an abomination of a pizza topping) and that I was thinking about food all night long. So to continue that theme and to remind myself of how lucky I am to have the means to make this money, here's how I'm going to think of the $50 I made on those 11 deliveries:

$50 is 200 sodas at my primary job (.25 a piece). That will last me 5 months at two per day. Right now I'm off caffeine and sugared sodas, so until I resume my caffeine addicted ways, this calculation is just hypothetical. However, when I get a dollar tip I try hard to think that it will buy my four sodas. This week, I'll probably use .75 on sodas.

$50 is 20 "super" breakfast tacos at my primary job (2.50 a piece). I usually eat 2 a week, so that's $5.

I can eat lunch at primary job for $5 for two weeks (a loaf of bread, a jar of peanut butter, and homemade jelly from my grandma).

I will probably end up eating out at Taco Bell 3 times this week (I know, terrible) which will cost me $2.14 a meal which is $6.42.

Add in 2 more combo meals from a fast food place at $6 a pop and the rest of my meals coming from scrounging food at work (leftover pizza and my shift-meal at the new place), that makes $29.17.

So as my grandma would say "count your blessings" (she's a churchgoer), which Friday night included food for a week and most of a tank of gas on top of that.

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