Wednesday, August 4

Vacation Post: The Engines that Search

The best part of having a blog is reading all the search engine terms that led someone to my page. Here are a few:

  • paying pizza delivery guy with underwear
  • how do pizza deliveries work in rain
  • pants epidermis
  • hot girl in towel
  • he tipped me over the edge
  • squished girl
  • what do grasshoppers hate

To answer their questions

  • feel free to try it
  • wet
  • in general
  • I don't deliver in a towel
  • as long as he tipped ;)
  • well yes, sometimes, when I get stuck between Insectosaurus and the oven
  • probably not me as they seem to be everywhere I am

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Funniest post yet!!