Monday, August 30

I once ended a date for a marinara violation.

Customer: Hey, can I get a side of marinara sauce?
Front of House turns around to the owner and asks if we can do that, Owner says we can and asks if he wants it heated.
Customer: ...because, you know, that's such an essential part of the meal...
Owner: Would you like your sauce heated up?
Customer: ...It's really expected that I have some marinara sauce to dip my crusts in. I don't know why you don't offer that on the menu or as a part of the meal...
Owner: Would you like us to heat it up for you?
Customer: Uh... sure.

Sometimes I'm reminded how nice it is not to work with customers.
There is a special place in hell reserved for people who come in and order food 6 minutes before closing time.
I cut myself on the bread knife again (I figure if I do this enough I'll learn to keep my fingers out of the way). I had to wear a rubber glove on that hand for the rest of the night which meant that I couldn't work the pizza oven because it was my left hand (the hand closest to the fire when putting pizzas in the oven) and the layer of sweat between the glove and my skin became excruciatingly hot every time I even got near the mouth of the oven.


Flushy McBucketpants said...

You gotta curl those fingers under... I totally feel your pain regarding hand injuries. We just have a gas-fired bakers pride oven at the kitchen I work in, which doesn't get to the temps of your WFO. But, yeah, when I cut or burn my hands, it can make being near that heat exceedingly unpleasant.

When are we gonna see pics of some pizzas you've made?

Unknown said...

I'll work on putting some together, I'm not allowed to have my phone in the kitchen, so I mostly only get to take pictures of my shift pies that I make myself, but I have a few. The entire pizza porn entry is pizzas made at my new place.