Wednesday, December 17

A Google Search for "Pizza Girl"

I google searched "Pizza Girl" because I have way too much time at my primary job and here are some of the funnier results:

1. A comic with a Pizza Girl Superhero character
I'm super amused because being a lame superhero was the inspiration behind my alias.

2. A craigslist rant from a former pizza girl
She has some good points! I'm always surprised when people invite me in. I'm not interested in getting murdered! Why would any rational person enter the home of a stranger? For all I know they could have a room with a floor drain and lots of saws. Didn't the Texas Chainsaw Massacre happen about 30 miles from where I live?

3. A sexy pizza girl Halloween costume
Hahahahahaha. I don't even know where to start. I bet StripperGirl owns this.

4. A poem about a pizza girl
Have you ever seen the episode of Law and Order where Neil Patrick Harris is a guy who can't get a second date so he abducts some women and lobotomizes them with a drill and boiling water?

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