Friday, December 26

12/26 Never Ever Go In Someone's House

Last week I broke one of my cardinal rules of pizza delivery for a little old lady, tonight I was glad that I have that rule.  I went to a house where at least to me it seemed like an obvious lure to trap me and do God knows what.  Here are the facts and you can decide for yourself if I was in any danger.

Got to the door and a rough looking man opens it and invites me in telling me to just put the pizza on the table.
The money is laying on his dining room table.
I politely decline to come in.
He asks me the total.
I tell him.
He asks me to repeat the total and I repeat it.
He tells me to get the pizza out as he walks to the dining room table to get the money (maybe 5 feet away).
The whole time he's acting really weird, like he's disappointed that I won't come in.

At least he gave me a decent tip and reinforced my rule that no matter how nice or innocuous seeming someone is (and he definitely wasn't my definition of innocuous), never, ever go in someone's house (unless they are absolutely alone, have a broken arm, and call you mamushka).

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