Sunday, December 21

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, rinse and repeat

I've once again been a bad blogger.  Due to some personal issues I just haven't been particularly motivated, so here's some highlights.

Friday:  It was very windy.  I love the way that when the wind blows inflatable Christmas decorations dance, and sometimes dance with each other, and sometimes just look like they're doing each other.

Saturday:  I broke my don't-go-in-the-house rule for the first time.  It was a little old lady with a broken arm who had trouble enough signing the receipt and kept calling me Mamushka.  I took the pizza in and put it on the table but she wouldn't let me leave until she had given me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Hung out with Stoner Manager and finally got a nickname for the other manager, hereafter known as ManWhore Manager.  Anyone who had sex with a girl in the bathroom of a club deserves to be called ManWhore.

We had three drivers call in so there were only 5 of us to do Saturday night.  I ended up working 11 and a half hours and Stoner Manager ended up making deliveries we were so busy.

Tonight:  StinkyButtFace better hope that I never have nothing to lose because the first thing I'm going to do if that happens is to put my foot to his ass and laundry detergent in his gas tank.

Other Chick Driver won a key battle against Stinky.  Stinky screwed up an order and Other Chick Driver had to take out the replacement pizza and the customers wanted them to split the tip.  Of course Stinky refused but Other Chick Driver stood her ground and El Jefe made it happen.

We have two new drivers, GreaseMonkey (a girl) and DevilEyes, who I think I've managed to get on my side about Stinky.  Maybe the war isn't over yet.

I saw the most amusing and unwittingly raunchy inflatable Christmas decoration ever.  Picture Santa in his sleigh being pulled by flamingos.  The flamingos were pretty close to the sleigh and the wind blew them together and back onto Santa's lap.  So all you see is Santa kicking back in his sleigh, feet stretched out in front of him with flamingos on his lap.  To make it better the flamingos were blown between his legs so that their pink bodies were not really connected to the heads and it just looked like Santa didn't have any pants on and you were looking at his pink butt cheeks.  I took a picture with my cell phone but it isn't cooperating with me trying to get it posted.

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