Sunday, December 28

12/28 Don't Call me "Man"

My worst (and therefore most interesting) delivery yesterday was to a tattooed gentlemen who only had $50s and $100s and expected me to have change.  After politely telling him that I only carry 20 in change and that his two options were to give me the money and I'll bring him back change or to phone in a credit card he decided to phone in the card.  ManWhore manager was on duty and at first things went exactly as I expected.  I'm standing quietly on the front porch during the whole thing and suddenly the conversation takes a whole different tone.  I guess ManWhore manager hit a wrong key when entering the number and the guy had to repeat it and it was still declined and at some point ManWhore manager called him "man" and the guy very angrily said, "Don't call me man.  I am sir.  I'm in public relations and you will call me sir" and hung up.  I didn't know quite how to react because I didn't know if he was going to shoot the messenger (I've found that if there is ever a problem people are happy to blame the driver regardless of the source).  Then he had me go back to the store with his 50 for change.  He did tip me $5, so I'm not complaining, the whole thing was just pretty awkward.

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