Thursday, October 30

10/29 Stats

I made my first pizza last night. My manager was on the phone with some b*tch that had called to complain and try to get pizza no less than 3 times. Apparently she ordered a pizza and we made it on the wrong crust, so she called back and we re-made the pizza, but not before the manager called her back and verified the whole order with her mother who okayed it. Then, she calls and says that the order is still wrong and wants it remade and redelivered again. Of course my manager says that she won't because she verified the order. The girl declines any courtesy discount on her next pizza because she wants it free. Then, the girl calls back again and from what I could tell, they had the exact same conversation. So, in the mean time, pizzas to be made are backing up and I decide to start making pizzas because somewhere in the mess of complicated charts there must be some clue about the secrets of pizza-making. I can 100% confirm that the charts on the wall hold very little secrets even if you can find the chart that refers to the pizza you happen to be making (that is if you can figure out what you're supposed to be making in the first place from the two letter abbreviations on the computer screen).

I also got to sample our new Six Cheese pizza, which is essentially a regular cheese pizza with some extra seasonings sprinkled on top after it comes out of the oven. The funny thing is that it is actually really delicious. The seasoning adds a citrus-like flavor which doesn't sound good, but is. Of course, I'm not going to pay extra for them to sprinkle some seasoning on top.

When did it not become second nature to wash hands before touching other people's food? I watched a delivery guy who was working the oven poke at the top of a pizza to figure out what toppings were on it. Also, we were running short on pizza makers, so a couple of delivery guys went to help out (I was running out the door with a delivery) and I had to remind both of them to go wash their hands before they touched the food. Also there are constantly pizza makers running to answer the phones and then going right back to making pizza. Gross! I'm so glad that our ovens are hot enough to kill any germs. Now if I could just get the guys to keep their fingers out of the pizza.

Last night I...
Drove 29 miles for 4 deliveries,
Averaged 23.7 miles per gallon,
Received $19.22 in tips ( 4 , 4* , 8.22 , 3),
and essentially made $11.66 an hour.
*I am not including this in my good tip category because it was on a $66 order, making a measly 6% which is unacceptable.

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