Wednesday, October 22

10/22 and the soul-less fish

We were really slow tonight. I got into an argument with one of our pizza makers (the only one that isn't in high school) about whether animals have souls or not. It started because they were making broad generalizations about people based on their zodiac signs. I am a Pisces and therefore love water, am psychic, and empathetic...except that I'm afraid of fish, can be completely dense, and am really empathetic (in such a way that I can see things from other people's points of view and therefore know when they're being complete morons). She asked me why I'm afraid of fish, and I said it was because they don't have souls. She went on to say that dogs and cats don't have souls, but I'm not afraid of them. Of course, I objected and this went on and on. I don't think either of us won in the end because I can't prove they have souls and she can't prove that she has one either.

Tonight I...
drove 35 miles for 5 deliveries,
averaged 25.7 miles per gallon,
worked 3.2 hours,
made $21.08 in tips (2 , 2 , 2.37 , 9.71 , 5),
and effectively made $13.51 an hour.

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