Saturday, October 25

10/25 and Betrayed by Indian Gentleman

It only took one day for Indian Gentleman to go from one of my favorite employees (despite the fact that I had to ask him to repeat himself every time, sometimes two or three times because he talks to quietly and with a thick accent) to the top of my sh*t list. This morning we were the only two drivers and there were three orders on the board, two of which were ready, one was not. He assigned himself the first two even though they were not in the same neighborhood (not even on the same side of the freeway) and when I called him on it he didn't apologize, he didn't offer to unasign himself, he just shrugged his shoulders and took them both.

Then, later, we were the only two drivers in the store and there were two on the board. He was up first (though apparently he had been signed in even though he wasn't in the store yet, so I technically got in the store about two minutes before him and he was first up on the board) and his order came up, the 2nd order up was a huge cash order that was time sensitive. He argued with me that he got the 2nd order because he got to the store second. That has never been how dispatch worked! Somehow he decided that today he got to take whichever orders he pleased. I was super pissed, so I abandoned him on the cutting station. All 18 of his pizzas were coming out one after the other, two at a time, and I'm sure he could have used some help getting them boxed and cut, but I was just too busy bagging my two pizzas he stuck me with. I may have also neglected to mention that the road that looks like it goes straight to his destination on the map actually dead ends into a meadow and you have to go a completely different direction from the start to get there. Let's just say, he didn't get the pizzas to the party on time. I hope they stiffed him.

I was so mad after the second incident that I stopped by Sonic for a half price soda so that I could chill a minute and a driver cut me off causing me to slam on my breaks and spill my soda all over my car and a good amount on my pants, all of which would never have happened had I been taking the big order (which would have been ontime if I'd have taken it).

Then, there was another driver and she was first, and her order came up and it was in the same neighborhood as another, so she was going to take both of them until he went crying to the manager that they weren't on the same street so he should get to take one. For some reason, this manager always takes his side, so she let him. Which makes a grand total of 3 deliveries that he stole (that I know of) today and one big *sshole of guy who I used to think was pretty nice.

Today I...
Drove 92 miles for 14 deliveries,
Averaged 25.2 miles per gallon,
Made $28.64 in tips (1 , .85 , 3 , 4 , 0 , 1.54 , 2.92 , 1.74 , 3.37 , 2 , 4.71 , 3 , .51),
and effectively made $11.24 an hour.

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KevinL said...

I hate it when managers play with dispatch and bring people back early, however our policy has always been the person who is actually back first (into the parking lot) is up first.

Good luck though, snake drivers are awful. Stand up to him!