Wednesday, October 15

10/15 Stats and the Country Getto

I have discovered my town's ghetto. It is slightly out of our delivery area and yet I had to deliver there twice. The house was an absolutely beat down trailer in a field with about a dozen other trailers. The skirting was kicked in, the stairs were falling apart, there was several cars in various states of decay in the yard, and at lease a dozen upturned, sun bleached, discarded toys. Inside lived an angry man who never stopped yelling (maybe at the TV, maybe at the wife and kids), two sad looking children, and one trashy looking woman with a cigarette and gnarly teeth.
I took them two pizzas and they checked them and didn't complain. Got back to the store, and there was another pizza waiting there for them. My manager said they called and said the toppings were wrong and I needed to take them the replacement pizza. I also needed to tell them that they are out of our delivery area and would have to carry out from now on.

So I drive the new pizza out to the house (which is out of our delivery area for a reason), and the first thing the lady says was, "I hope they didn't tell you that I yelled and screamed about you." I'm not sure if she was trying feel out if I spit in her food or if she knew that she had really been a bitch to my manager. I told her I was okay with the whole thing and that we figured out why her street isn't in our system, and she treated me like I had blacklisted her because she complained. Personally, I think that she wanted an extra pizza without paying for it, so she called and complained thinking that they'd send a different driver. She is responsible for the "x" in my tip section.
I had to call animal control on a couple of dogs tied up in someone's driveway.
My pen broke. The good one that clips nicely to my polo so that I don't have to keep it in my pocket. I'm hoping that I can locate all of the pieces in my car and maybe super-glue it back together.

Today I...
drove 39 miles for 5 deliveries,
averaged 25.5 miles per gallon,
worked 3 hours,
made $10.21 in tips (3 , x , .44 , 2.50 , 4.27),
and effectively made $10.22 an hour.

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