Wednesday, June 9

6/9 The Irnonies of a Pen

Last night was super-slow. I only took 5 deliveries. The most amusing one was to someone who works for my primary job. It's amusing because when I got hired on at my primary job they gave me a fancy company logo pen. I am now using that pen to have people sign credit card receipts.

I managed to not eat any mess-up pizza. I've been trying hard to get on some sort of reasonable diet. Not the kind of diet that requires restrictive eating, but the kind where I'm not eating Taco Bell on the way to work and then eating pizza at work. I did well. I think if I can keep turning it down I can just get in the habit of not eating it at all.

FannyPack driver paid Day Job Driver $50 to close for him. I should have undercut him at $40.

I made $22 off of 5.


rhaje said...

A friend of mine posted a link on Facebook yesterday that made me think of this blog.

Totally off-topic, but fun anyway.

Unknown said...

That's awesome! I hadn't seen that one yet.

mike said...

Found your blog about a week ago, and just finished reading everything up to now. You're a rocker blogger!

I would like to share with you a story from my distant past. One time, I took a delivery and knocked on the door. The guys answering the door looked astonished--they told me, Hey we ordered a pizza like 5 seconds ago!!! I confirmed the address and the pizza, and it all worked out! They were like, wow, fastest deliver in history!!

There was a weird 30 seconds or so when we all tried to digest the situation--how can I deliver a pizza 5 seconds after it's ordered?--when the guy's downstairs roommate walked up the stairs and said, yeah, I ordered the pizza about half an hour ago. (This was back in the day when roommates had the same phone #, and cell phones were scarce.)\

I like your blog and your tweets! Takes me back to some memories. As a chick driver, you do make more money than I did!

Unknown said...

Mike: Thanks! I'm so glad for cellphones now. That way there's no confusion about things like when they order to a park and I can't find them.