Monday, June 21

6/18 What would you do for $5?

I only took four deliveries Friday night. It's a shame really, because I ended up doing a fat lot of nothing (two beers and Flux with my roommates while we listed to reggae music). I flirted with an old man for a $5 tip. It makes me think of all the things I would do for $5 and things other people do for $5.

For $5 each I would:
  • Bring you pizza.
  • Take your dog for a walk.
  • Watch your cat for a whole day (and play with him/her).
  • Do two loads of your laundry.
  • Flash you my bra (not in public).
For $5 other people would:
  • Give a "table-dance" (I hear all the time advertised on the radio for $5 table-dance Tuesdays or whatnot from the local strip clubs.)
  • Yeah, that one pretty much tops the list of anything anyone else could do for $5.
I made $19 off of those 4 deliveries.

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