Monday, June 7

6/4 6/5 Things that piss me off, the june bug edition

I took 30 deliveries between Friday and Saturday nights. Some amusing things:
  • A couple of rather large orders that tipped nicely.
  • A cute guy asking for a jumpstart (though not being able to figure it out was definitely not amusing)
  • Reminding a tip line skipper about it and he pulls this bullshit about "I don't really have the money but, I totally understand about tipping, I'm a Sonic carhop and we get paid, like, you know, $2 an hour." Like he wasn't completely fucking ready to skip the tip and total lines. It was not amusing that he was going to stiff me but I like calling people on their bullshit sometimes. He tipped $5.50.
  • Buttsweat Bopper. I'm gonna let that one sink in a little while.
Some not amusing things:
  • My topper was not lit up. I acknowledge that and that it should have been lit up and it was my own fault for not lighting it up. With that said, Little Yellow threatened to take away my "run money" if he caught me without my topper lit up again. First (and I would need to dig up my business school books for a citation on this one), the "run money" is my gas and car maintenance reimbursement. I'm pretty sure that the company is legally obligated to reimburse me for expenses I incur on behalf of the company. I don't think he can take it away. Second, when I brought that up he tried to say that I was a contractor, which I absolutely know to be untrue. I hate it so much when managers say things without thinking. I don't know if this shit works on other employees but I have a fucking degree in management (for real, though it's pretty damn useless it at least means that I've had two Business Law courses). He can't just say things like that carelessly. I am aware that there are serious consequences that he could bring down legally (writing me up, termination, etc), why pick to threaten me with the one consequence that he can't take? That just pisses me off on principle.
  • An order of 5 extra large pizzas that got there in 32 minutes and for which the bitch (see I'm riled up just talking about Little Yellow's bullshit) wrote in a one dollar tip on her receipt.
  • All the June bugs hatched. All of the history of the world. One touched me. I jumped. I hate them so much. Thud. That was one flying into this blog post.
I made $86 off 19 on Saturday and $54 off of 11 on Friday.

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