Wednesday, June 16

6/15 "I think perhaps you better both come inside."

Last night was boring too. Except that I delivered to a guy who looked like this guy:

...who is Pierre Le Pieu from Ever After.

What I didn't know is that he also plays Riff Raff:

The guy I delivered to wasn't sexy like Riff Raff, but he tipped $4, which I couldn't guarantee Riff Raff would do, though I'd totally have elbow sex with him instead of a tip (Riff Raff, not the actual guy I delivered to).

Tangential story: When I was a freshman in college our local production of Rocky Horror Picture Show had an amazingly hot guy playing Riff Raff. I went almost every week just for that. Ok, not just for that. Also for Eddie. And for my long-standing dream to one day play Columbia.

I made $44 off of 11 deliveries last night.

"Oh, slowly, slowly! It's too nice a job to rush." -Columbia

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