Tuesday, June 8

6/7 Stripes

I delivered to "Rainbow" again. They sell vacuums but I still like to think that I'm delivering to a leprechaun, though I'd imagine that they'd be more witty than to put Rainbow in the name line. There were also no skittles. Then again, I did not attempt to taste the rainbow. They tipped $5 though, so while not exactly a pot of gold, it wasn't too bad. (This is a picture of a rainbow I took while on duty a few weeks ago.)

Also, Stripes looks like Mikey (the tall blonde one) from Recess. Exactly like him. It's uncanny and amusing.

Stripes dropped a pizza on the ground. That was less amusing because it was my delivery and I had to wait for a remake.

I made $30 off of 7 deliveries, an average tip of $3.

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