Monday, May 10

5/7 Crookshanks and a thinning of the ranks

Friday night was pretty nice. On my first delivery I met a very nice cat who was very orange and purred and meowed and rubbed up against my legs. Sometimes a great first delivery can set the tone for the entire night and even though the tip wasn't good, the cat made up for it.

My second delivery was to someone who wasn't home which very rarely happens. I can only think of a few times in the entire time I've been delivering that the person genuinely hasn't been home. Usually I just have a wrong address and a phone call fixes the problem. I don't know what else I could have done to try to deliver the pizza. Here's the procedure:
  • Ring doorbell (I can hear it actually ring, so this isn't a guessing game of whether or not the doorbell is in working order)
  • Wait
  • Knock on door, loudly
  • Wait - listen for signs of life inside
  • Walk out to the front of the house and double check that I'm at the right house number
  • Ring the doorbell
  • See if I can see a street sign to make sure I'm on the right street
  • Get out cellphone and call them to confirm address - leave message giving my name and instructing them to call the store if they get the message in the next few minutes
  • Knock extra loudly on the door
  • Call the store and make them call the customer from another line
  • Advise manager that all reasonable attempts to deliver the pizza have been made and I'm returning to the store
In store news: people who did not show up to the store meeting seem to be missing from the schedule. Prime examples are Sunglasses and Boombox Driver. They were the most slacker drivers anyway, so it's not like they'll be missed around the store. In fact, since Little Yellow's pep-talk about everyone getting on the ball and answering phones and not folding boxes constantly, things have been getting done. Ponytail Driver was in some sort of car accident that totaled his car, so he's working in-store which means were down a total of three drivers in less than a week.

After my shift I spent a while sitting around outside with Name Bopper, Doggy Bopper, PokePedometer Driver, and Ponytail Driver. It was pretty cool. I feel like I'm getting to know people a little more.

I took 11 deliveries and made $45, an average tip of $2.80.

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