Sunday, May 16

5/15 Slumber Parties

I am writing this extremely hungover, so please excuse the inconsistency. Last night was good, but sortof weird because I was a bit distracted toward the end of my shift, so I didn't get my run count and I was missing two receipts one of which was for a run I didn't even Twitter, so I don't know exactly what happened. One of the receipts was a four dollar write-in tip, which I didn't get because when I went to enter them in I couldn't find it. That's a bit weird for me because I almost always have all of my receipts.

Things that amused me:

  • A very petite poodle. Her paws were so tiny.
  • Slumber parties. I suppose it's the end of the school year, so it's time for pizza and sleepovers.
  • Little Yellow brought a cd of him DJing because I told him I didn't believe him that he DJs.
  • Yelling Manager got fired. Not sure on the particulars but it involved him being disrespectful (as usual).
  • I Damned The Man by going to the liquor store while on duty because it was 8:45 and I knew I wouldn't get clocked out in time and I had a party to go to. Ended up leaving early anyway because my friend who's in town ended up getting put out of the house with no where to go and no way to get to where I was.

I walked out with $47.

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Unknown said...

sorry about that, once I start being less broke I can get places and you won't have to leave early.