Tuesday, May 4

5/3 Damn The Man with Cinnamon Pie

In case you didn't already know, food that you had to sneak under the bosses noses tastes so much better than it does normally.

Some more higher-up corporate middle management was in the store last night. I've noticed something about these people; they look like they've eaten a lot of cheap pizza in their lifetime. Something about them (besides their waistlines) seems like the pepperoni grease has started to pickle their skin. Maybe it's the way they scowl and get in the way and seem nice enough when they're chatting with Little Yellow but only talk to me when they need to "correct" something I'm doing.

I hate when they're in the store. Little Yellow throws out perfectly good pizza. Last night he threw out a perfectly good pepperoni pizza because it had a bubble in the center. Bubbles are not the end of the world! That pizza was otherwise perfect (or as perfect as a mass produced pepperoni pizza can be), but district managers don't like when bubbles go out to customers. I wept a little pizza tear as it went into the trash can.

On the same note, there was a carryout order that was sitting there for over an hour. Apparently they had ordered on the web and chosen carryout and then called to change it to delivery. The bopper made a new order in the system for delivery, leaving two pizzas and a cinnamon pie to go to waste. Another big boss rule: no eating in the store and no eating on duty. Calico and I decided to damn The Man and sneak the pizza out into the parking lot to eat. We had Crazy-Church Driver sneak them out in his delivery bag and we sat in the parking lot, shielded by her car as we chowed down on a pizza and cinnamon pie. It was the most delicious cinnamon pie that store has ever churned out.

As far as deliveries, I took 5 and made $24 (an average tip of $3.51).


FLPizzaGirl said...

Corporate BS! They should give the employees the "imperfect pizza", and no-show orders! I'm so glad I work for an independant owner. He feeds us whatever we want, whenever we want it; and divides up the leftovers from our weekday Lunch Buffet for us to take home to our families. In return, we(most of us)give him our best each day, and do all of the internet advertising for the store on our own time! He understands that you get more loyalty and effort out of your employees when you treat them well. He treats us like family, and we love him dearly for it! Corporations could learn a thing or two from him. As you see, Employees are some of the best, or worst PR reps a Restaurant could have!

Unknown said...

I agree, and most of the time they do, but when inspectors are in town we have to do stupid things like throw away food. You're right though that corporate policy should accommodate manager discretion in allowing the food to go to employees. It is torture to go from one job to the other without having time to eat dinner just to be around food, and more than that to be around food that's going to be thrown away.