Monday, May 3

4/30 5/1"Your Epidermis Is Showing"

There is a hole in my work pants which I discovered Friday night. I suppose I was expecting this to happen sometime soon. I bought them for $10 at Walmart a year and a half ago and have been wearing them four times a week since. It's not like they were particularly awesome pants... they were too big, the left pocket was frayed from my constantly taking my phone and keys in and out of it, there was a giant ink-blotch right at the the front of the crotch from accidentally washing it with a pen... but they'll be missed anyway, mostly because I do not look forward to shopping for their replacement; I hate shopping. By the way, the hole is right on the ass, so there's no way I could get away with just wearing them anyway and the cloth is too frayed around the hole to even think about patching it. It was fortunate that I was wearing full-coverage underwear that night.

Saturday I was 45 minutes late to work. I've been moving and somehow managed to pack every single pair of sneakers instead of leaving one out to take to work. I felt terrible about it because just that morning we had our first store meeting and Little Yellow went on and on about being on-time and being in uniform otherwise he'd start cutting hours. So now I not only am down significant parts of my uniform, but I was late. Luckily Russian driver was even later than I was. He showed up at 8:30 about the time I was cashing out and didn't understand why Yelling Manager wouldn't let him clock in. Apparently he had told them he'd be an hour to an hour and a half late. Three hours late is more than double his outside estimate and at that point we needed fewer drivers, not more.

Oh yeah, I took some deliveries...

Friday night I took 7 deliveries and made $24. That's a tip average of $2.14 per delivery.

Saturday night i took 5 deliveries and made $21, a tip average of $2.91.

Saturday night also broke my streak of shifts where I had at least one stiff. I hate stiffs, they make me very sad.

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Screw those damn stiffs!