Tuesday, March 30

A Weeks Worth of Shifts

I've been worse at blogging my shifts for the past week than I've ever been in the year and half I've been delivering. It's not that interesting things haven't been happening, I suppose it's that my personal life has been very distracting; when I'm happy, going to work is this big pain, I'm there just as long as it takes for me to beg to sent home; when I'm upset, it's the only place I want to be, the routine of folding boxes, cutting pizzas, driving. Neither lends itself to observation or blogging. I didn't even Twitter last nights shift because I was so out of it texting one of the boys that's been distracting me, everything was a blur except that, my deliveries are acutely bound up in whether our conversation was on an up hill or not.

1st delivery, I know I took one, I know it was to an apartment, can't remember it, it's gone.
2nd delivery, he starts talking to me, mood up.
3rd delivery, forgot the soda, went back to the store, picked up two more deliveries while there, conversation has naturally turned to us, why it would almost be easier if I could be mad at him, and him...well, not understanding why covering one irrational emotion (hope) with another (anger) would make anything better.
4th delivery, try to stop this all in its tracks, this conversation happens over and over again, doesn't change how either of us feels.
5th delivery, conversation dead end, want to go home and sulk, the store isn't the right retreat for some reason, but my roommate has invited my ex over for TV night, so home isn't a retreat either, went to the bookstore and blew most of my tips ($18 of 22) on books, which made me feel better.

The shifts before that:.

Saturday night there was a UFC fight going which started at 9, so we had a late 3rd rush that management wasn't prepared for. I stayed the latest I've ever stayed at this store. I delivered to our local sports bar which was packed. Lots of drunk people offered to pay for the pizza, which made it doubly difficult to find whoever actually ordered it.

I delivered to a guy that was very very high, not weed high, he was high on something that was causing some seriously bipolar behavior. MamaBear warned me he was belligerent and possibly dangerous. I cash-dropped all but my bank before I went, texted my dangerous-delivery buddy when I got there, left the phone in the car, put my pepper spray in my pocket, and made the delivery. The guy who came to the door was very calm, too calm. He could barely string words together and after a half-hearted attempt to pull the "we didn't order pizza but I'll pay you half what the bill is" scam, he turned over the money and even tipped me $2. Per Mama Bear, between the time I dropped that one off and the time I got back to the store after two more deliveries, he called three more times. First he wanted them to deliver another pizza; then he wanted us to deliver nothing but bacon; the last call was nothing but screaming and yelling and complaining. I made $66 off 18.

Before that $39 on 8. I think they were pretty uneventful except getting winked at.

Before that $14.70 off 3. Can't remember a single one.


Anonymous said...

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P.S. I never knew there was so many pizza blogs until I came here.

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