Sunday, March 21

3/20 My Baby Hungry

Last night was a good night. The tips were better than they have been. Even when I screwed up (and grabbed the wrong delivery) I was able to just brush it off, fix it, pay out the tips I owed the other drivers for helping me fix it, and move on. Even didn't mind doing some dishes.

Amusing things:
  • Two different customers with the same "Got Dirt?" doormat.
  • The following note in the delivery note section "Please hurry my baby hungry". They pretipped a dollar. I laughed a lot (and still made sure they were fourth on my quad).
  • On my first quad I had three deliveries to the same apartment complex. Due to the burden of getting all four orders into the car, the bag on the bottom ended up upside down. It was my first delivery in the quad. The dude was pretty cool with it. I profusely apologized and offered to call in a remake and still let him have that one. He looked at the pizza (which wasn't too bad given the circumstances) and decided to go ahead and accept the delivery.
  • On another one of the deliveries to the apartment complex someone ordered one of the sodas that we don't keep cold (because, seriously, NO ONE ever orders them and corporate made us buy two cases for a dumb online promotion). I grabbed him a couple of extra ones since they weren't cold.
  • One of our new drivers, hereby dubbed Boombox Driver, is geeky-cute and has a boombox tattoo on the back of this calf.
  • Name Bopper has challenged me to learn all the names of the people in the store. I have so far declined. There are a lot of them. But he's amusing and made me learn his name so now every time I walk by he says, "Hi, [PizzaGirl]" and then covers his nametag until I say, "Hi, [Name Bopper]."
  • A $7 tip. She pretipped $2 and when I got to the door she said, "Oh, hello, pizzaGirl!" and after I gave her the pizza she turned around and said to the kids, "Don't you think we should get the pizzagirl more tip?" and the little boy went to get his wallet in the most adorable way ever but his mom waved him off and handed me a five dollar bill.
  • A guy who asked me what kind of car I drive before deciding to tip me $4. I don't mind admitting what I drive and was thankful for the tip especially since their delivery was late (and I got turned around and lost on the way).
A couple of things that did not amuse me:
  • Two or three "Gee, it's cold out." Inevitably they came from the people who only tipped two dollars (including the $1 hungry baby asshat).
  • A stray dog followed me up to a house. I'm pretty good with dogs, but I always get a little nervous. I wished that I had my pepper spray on me just in case, but it was in the car.
I ended up with $73 off of 16 deliveries.

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Alex said...

Wow $4.50/pizza average, that's not a bad day!