Tuesday, March 16

3/15 Banana Peppers

I hadn't worked a Monday before at the new store. I can't say I was impressed. One of the Boppers has made me learn his name; now that I know his name, I'm finding it impossible to come up with a nickname for him. We all stood around folding boxes for a long time. Apparently Calico got there an hour before I did and still hadn't taken a delivery. There wasn't much to do besides fold boxes. Eventually some deliveries came up. Mama Bear told me to route myself (mwahahaha) and I routed myself a double that probably shouldn't have gone together but my instinct was that I wasn't going to get very many deliveries anyway.

My first delivery was to a street I didn't have to look up. I love knowing where streets are without having to look on the map. It was one pizza, the house was for sale (in a rather nice neighborhood), she tipped $2. I was okay with it because $2 on a $13 order is 15% and despite the fact that I think it's an unacceptable tip, I realize that customers often justify it with the percentage comparison. There's your first clue that I was in a good mood.

My second delivery was to an apartment complex (which I also didn't have to look up!). I also knew the numbering scheme for this complex so I was able to beeline to the correct building. They tipped $5. I remembered the sauce cups. Their little dogs watched me from the balcony as I walked off. I felt good about the delivery.

And then I got sent home, but not before Mama Bear let me make a pizza to take home with me. I decided to try banana peppers on a slice. I highly recommend them if you like pickles. They're halfway between a pickle and a jalapeno. I can't say that I'd want them on a pizza all the time, but I'm already thinking of topping combinations in my head that will compliment the flavor instead of being overwhelmed by it. I'm also thinking of hiding them under the cheese as delicious little surprises instead of letting them be pretty and flamboyantly radioactive looking on top of the cheese.

I made $10 off of 2 deliveries.


Rick said...

How did you make $10 off two deliveries if one tip was $2 and the other was $5?

Unknown said...

Rick, it goes like this.
2 + 5 = 7
1.29 (gas reimbusement) x 2 = 2.58
7 + 2.58 = 9.58
rounded up to 10 because I was checking out with Mama Bear.

Rick said...

Got it. Forgot about the reimbursement.