Monday, March 15

3/12 3/13 The other side of the tipping education coin

I suppose I haven't been very good about blogging my shifts lately. First, I've been trying to get out of them altogether for various reasons. Second, those various reasons have tended to carry on into the days even that I have to work and the times when I would normally put fingers to keyboard and get this all out.

Friday night went pretty well. I wasn't technically scheduled this week because somehow I managed to fall out of the computer system. With that said, Little Yellow still wanted me to show up for some shifts which I dutifully did. I showed up Wednesday but it was monstrously slow, so I got sent home without a single delivery.

Friday went a little better. My first delivery was to a scammer. I suppose I could have stopped it had I paid attention to my driver sheet, but I was in a hurry to get to my second delivery. Basically they said that they were quoted $15.99 for the total when that was the price of a single pizza. I figured that they simply didn't put the discount code in. In reality they should have gotten a discount anyway, they ordered an XL cheese pizza and the phone person was going to let them pay full price for it when we are constantly running ridiculous specials that knock 3 or four dollars off that price and include toppings. They gave me a $20 anyway (which covered the original charge but just barely), so I figured if Little Yellow didn't fix it I'd just end up with no tip but not wasting my time sticking around to find out. Chances are if he hadn't adjusted the price I would have ended up with no tip anyway. I ended up with $30 off of 6 deliveries.

Saturday night was slow again. There seems to be some sort of epic conference/festival going on in downtown Austin. I assume that everyone who wasn't ordering pizza was there. I took four deliveries including one to an office building where they had not left a suite number of business name. I wandered around knocking on all the doors. It was awesome. Like my own miniature scavenger hunt... except that I had the soda on top of the hotbag and ended up buckling the box (the pizza wasn't actually damaged but customers can be whiny bitches about things like bent pizza boxes). I also delivered some wings to a very nice old man who had tipped $2 online and then handed me $2 at the door. He was only having wings delivered so I would have made an exception to the $3 rule. I felt bad since he obviously didn't understand how pre-tipping works, but at the same time, if I'm not allowed to educate customers on under-tipping, why should I educate them on over-tipping? Made $18 off of 4 deliveries.

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Ajathefairy said...

There is this one old couple I deliver to at a very upscale retirement community. The first time I delivered they were having guests and ordered 2 larges. I told them the total was $24.36 and they handed me $40. I said, "let me get your change," to which the husband replied, "that's all for you!" I said, "Really? Are you sure?" and he said "Oh yes."
I know this was a mistake because I've been there 10 times now and they always tip $5. The old man obviously didn't hear me when I gave him the total. I've always felt bad about it but give him VIP service.