Sunday, December 6

12/6 Green and Purple Sparklies

J/K was high as a kite. The orange puffy vest should have tipped me off. His giggle reaction to being asked to shave his chinstrap (a ruling I oppose as the chinstrap is a perfectly valid beard configuration and was providing a lot of entertainment for me) could have been another clue. But it didn't really hit home until I was getting ready to leave and I asked him to double-check his run-sheet to make sure nothing was mixed up and he had a hard time remembering if he'd been to the streets listed (there were only five listed). So I looked at him and said, "Really?! You can't remember five deliveries? Are you high?!" to which he responded, "Yeah... it was the good stuff... all green and purple and sparklies."

Other than that I
...discovered a street that switches which side of the road odds and evens are halfway down. This is in the same neighborhood that will randomly switch block numbers.
...delivered to my verbal tipper again. I swear I'm going to kidnap their obese dog and get it on a diet so that when it wants to jump up on the pizza guy it can.
...forgot a soda but then remembered a two litre of soda that I found yesterday while cleaning out my car, so I gave them that since it happened to be the same kind I needed.

Made $48 off of 11 runs. A tip of $3.27 a delivery.


Dual Citizen said...

Hey there. Great blog! Do you earn only tips? Or do they also pay you an hourly wage?

Unknown said...

I earn $6 per hour plus tips. I also get reimbursed $1.10 per delivery for my gas and car maintenance. I often include that in my end-of-night totals simply because it's included in the cash-out at the end of the night (but I factor it out when coming up with my average tip #).