Monday, December 28

12/27 Word Problem

It takes Stoner Manager 7 seconds to fold one pizza box of any size. Pizza Girl takes 11 seconds to fold a box. A bundle of boxes contains 50 boxes. They need to fold 6 bundles of large boxes, a bundle of medium boxes, a bundle of small boxes, a bundle of tiny boxes, and a bundle of wing boxes (in that order). Goofball, who can fold a box in 9 seconds, joins in for half of the larges and all of the rest of the boxes, but Stoner Manager doesn't help with the tiny boxes, and Pizza Girl doesn't help with the wing boxes. How long will this take them if they work continuously except for two 15 minutes "smoke-breaks" and a 3 minute break after every 60 boxes of larges and after every size change to put them away (go ahead and add 20 minutes aggregate for general slacking off)?

I only ask because that's how I spent the majority of my Sunday. El Jefe left Stoner Manager a note to clock me in at noon whether or not they needed me (normally Stoner Manager sends me home and calls when he needs me).

On the actual work side I had a woman call and wanted me to list all of the toppings we have. We have about 20 toppings, so I'm sure you can understand that I was not thrilled to do so. Apparently I listed the toppings too fast for her and she got pissy with me and wanted to talk to my manager and kept saying I was just a "worker". So I listed all the toppings... slowly... one... by... one... making... sure... she... understood... each... one. Then she started to order and tried order one I didn't list, canadian bacon, I told her we had ham, she got pissed and hung up. If I were the messing with food type she'd be lucky she hung up.

Later I think I delivered to her twin sister. She pre-tipped a dollar and when I accidentally brought another customer's soda to the door, she didn't correct me or say anything. She took the soda! I then had to make a second trip for my real customer (who pre-tipped $4) to get another soda. I hate human beings like her.

I did have a few good tippers. I delivered to Goofball's old house and they gave 5. I delivered to a little old lady that orders pizza when she watches her grand-daughter and she tipped 4.

I made $60 off of 15 deliveries, a pathetic $2.71 average tip. Bah humbug.

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