Sunday, December 13

12/12 The Boss-elf is a shitty tipper

Hangovers + work = me being very thankful for bell peppers. I know you know from my previous experiences that processed meats are absolutely nauseating while hungover/sick. What you don't know is that bell peppers are awesome. They're awesome because they have very little smell and are mostly water. I took my time prepping the peppers hoping El Jefe would have time to do everything else while I drug my feet.

El Jefe donated free pizza to a local toy-drive so that they could feed the volunteers. They chose to use them on wrapping day. They gathered at city-hall, took a mountain of toys, organized and wrapped them, and ordered pizza. I got there with my three hot pizzas and the organizer didn't realize that they had to pay for delivery. I guess they also didn't realize that I wasn't donating my time because they paid their $2.17 delivery (+tax) and sent me on my merry way. I hope they got paper-cuts from the wrapping paper but more importantly I hope they put more love into those presents than they showed to me.

On the plus side:
  • I got a $7 tip.
  • Pet the cutest, softest Cocker Spaniel puppy EVER
  • Took a Damn-The-Man rich-neighborhood Christmas lights tour (yes, that is a christmas lights longhorn):

  • and I made $86 off of 20 deliveries, an average tip of $3.20.


Thumper said...

Wait...they had to pay for delivery on donated pizzas? Seriously?

Dream Girl said...

If your boss donated the pizzas he should have paid the delivery fee.