Sunday, December 20

12/19 Inspection

Last Saturday was inspection day, the official day, the day when our corporate inspector came down from Mt. ChainPizza and counted the pepperonis on our pizza to ensure that there are no more or less than 48 and checked to make sure that our dough was at the proper temperature at all times. What this meant for me was that ArmyCook wanted the store clean all the time (even going so far as to make me wash our slicers mid-shift*) and that I had to work the whole time instead of napping under the drivers' table. For about thirty seconds in the morning ArmyCook wasn't so annoying, in fact, he was almost cute. Maybe it was he was groggy, maybe it was that I was groggy. Whatever it was, it quickly passed when I realized that he wasn't going to help me with prep at all. I called him on it and he helped a little bit but I had to keep nagging him to keep him from going back to the office and watching videos on his phone. Who's the manager here?!

A couple of customers really got to me. The first was down as a cash order. It was one frickin cheese pizza. I got to the door and there was obviously a holiday party ending and people were rushing out and a man answered the door and started to pay and a lady rushed by him and shouted, "Don't take any money from that man. I'm going to get a check." The man insisted on paying and I took the money. Walking down the driveway the woman then proceeded to bitch me out for taking the money and insisted that I give her the cash and she give me a check. Then she bitched at me because I didn't seem thrilled that she was wasting my time. I should have just walked off and told her to write the man a check. But I didn't. As she walked off she threw me a sarcastic "great customer service!" to which I wanted to yell back, "Bitch, it's not my job to be in the middle of your fight over who pays. It's made my day to wait on you. Great Christmas spirit!"

Then, I delivered to a house that was the wrong house and when I called the lady she admitted to giving us the wrong house number and said she was only a few doors down. I walked down, they met me on the sidewalk. I remembered their side of anchovies. Then they stiffed me. You read right. They make a mistake, I correct it instead of just taking the pizza back to the store, and they fail to tip.

On the plus side, my second delivery of the day stiffed me and I forgot the soda. Then I "forgot" that I forgot the soda. He never called back. Maybe he knew that by stiffing me he'd lost his chance at that soda. Well, one way or another he wasted $3.

Store gossip: We weren't expecting Eyebrows to make it to work Saturday because apparently he got arrested on a warrant for El Paso and was in jail. No idea what it was for, if he hadn't gotten out my guess would be serial-killing. Anyway, he got out, made it back into town, and wasn't walking bowlegged, so I'm assuming things went all right.

Ok, back to the inspection. We almost got a 102% but Happy Bopper marked a pizza off the makeline early and she docked us 20%.

I made $68 off of an unknown number of deliveries (because I was super pissed about my two bad deliveries and didn't bother to look.)

*he has no sense of humor so when he came and hovered over me while I was cutting a pizza afterward and I said, "Sorry for getting another slicer dirty, cutting pizzas psychically just wasn't working" he didn't get it and got defensive. :(

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