Monday, April 26

4/24 Thugs gotta thug

Saturday night was busy, not busy all at once, just busy for a lot longer. I ended up taking deliveries till close to 10. Luckily they had written up our end-of-night task list before I got there so I was able to do mine (sweeping and mopping the back) between deliveries instead of getting stuck in the store cleaning for 20 minutes.

The night started off great. I was assigned a single (which I grumbled about on the inside), but once I got there I wasn't mad anymore. It was to the local firestation and not only were the firefighters foxy (yay alliteration!) but they also tipped me $8. I thought about bringing them an extra soda but decided, based on my experiences delivering to the firestation in Podunk, that it wouldn't be worth it. Next time, these guys are getting extra sodas.

The night ended badly. I was assigned a double and one of them was a free order. Free orders rarely tip. I guess I see the rationale from the customer side, they probably already tipped one delivery driver. However, I feel like the store should compensate me more than my gas reimbursement when I have to correct someone else's screw-up. Maybe give me the $2 that was charged on the delivery the first time. So I took that delivery second because I was expecting to get stiffed. When I got to my first delivery in a well-off suburb and a guy came to the door wearing a do-rag, my heart sank. Here's the thing, guys who think they're thugs feel more thuggish when they don't tip. They get some sort of amusement out of pointing out and exploiting other people's vulnerabilities.

I made $48 off of 12 deliveries, a tip average of $2.71 (would have been an average of $3.50 without those last two jerks).

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Alex said...

Why are you shocked? Thugs will be thugs.