Tuesday, April 6

4/5 In which Yelling Manager yells

I think I've said this before, but Yelling Manager yells a lot. He gets defensive and easily frustrated. He cusses. He blusters. And last night he got in shouting matches with several drivers. The largest involved Ponytail driver, the closing driver for the evening, who was criticizing Yelling Manager for keeping rush drivers longer than absolutely necessary, and therefore reducing the size and frequency of his runs. The closing shift isn't really worth it unless all the rush drivers are gone by seven thirty or eight. They got into shouting, Yelling Manager countered that he was told by Little Yellow to keep drivers until after the game started to make sure we didn't get a big rush; Ponytail driver didn't like the way Yelling Manager was talking to him; another driver chimed in that Yelling Manager didn't need to yell or cuss to get his point across and in fact it was counterproductive (which it is). All the while, I'm trying to go home and Yelling Manager gets pissed off and decides to go have a cigarette. Word on the street is he might not be around much longer, apparently he got into it with a customer and the district manager got called.

Regarding my deliveries, I had a pleasant evening. The first two deliveries on my triple just happened to be right at the entrance to their streets, so it took me a lot less time to find their houses and allowed me to make it to my third delivery rather quickly. The third delivery was to an elementary school. The lady wasn't answering her cellphone and there was both indoor and outdoor activities going on. I started by asking all the baseball moms if they knew Molly, they didn't, then I headed inside where there was some sort of seminar going on in the library. I've missed elementary school libraries, the short shelves, the beanbag chairs. If I wasn't pretty sure I'd never be able to hack it with the jammy hands and such, I'd consider a career change to elementary school librarian.

I made $22 off of 5 deliveries, a nice tip average of $3.11.

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