Sunday, April 18

4/16 17 Rain, rain

One of the first good thunderstorms of the year came through last night. We were very busy and the opposing forces of the lightning and thunder trying to lift my mood and customers fighting to bring it down again meant I was pretty melancholy.

At one point, when it was coming down the hardest, two customers in a row told me to "Stay dry." I suppose I get the impulse to try to make themselves feel better about me getting all wet. I don't mind delivering in the rain, it's what I do, but I do mind people not compensating me for it (they were both $2 tippers). There comes a point where I just want to throw their pizza at them and yell, "Do you see an umbrella?" but I don't, that's just a revenge fantasy.

One more thing that annoys me (that happened last night), people who yell, "Who is it?" at the door. First, they ordered pizza, I don't know who else they were expecting, maybe the cops to bust them for their prescription bottle full of pot or a psycho ex, but there's at least a 90% chance that if you order pizza that the next person at your door will be the pizza delivery person. If there's a chance that the answer to the question will be unsatisfactory and they wouldn't answer the door, wouldn't it be less hassle to not give away that they're home by yelling? Second, they already did the lazy thing and had pizza delivered, they're going to have to answer the door anyway, why not just get up and look through the peephole?

Friday night I got my first ever short-change. The bill was 17.09, they gave 20. I asked if they wanted change, they said yes. I gave them $3, they gave me none of it back. Hate teenage girls. I'm glad I never was one.

I know I'm just complaining at this point. I swear I had good deliveries. Had an Indian dude ask if I accepted tips and then tip me when I answered in the affirmative. It wasn't weird at all and I highly recommend it for anyone who isn't sure whether or not to tip in any situation. I had a $6 tip and a $5 off a check.

Boombox Driver seems to be either acting weird or initiating some sort of 4th grade flirting. He tugged on my ponytail one night and then aimed his car at me in the parking lot last night. Also asked me if I knew where to get drugs (I don't) and offered to hang out (and share his with me?) when he finds some.

Friday: $36 off 9
Saturday: $60 off 15


Ray said...

I used to hate the who is it at the door yelling as well. I think the worse was when it snowed and I would deliver and they tell me they make you come out in this. I want to say no I would like to be home, but lazy people like you want pizza delivered in the snow.

Anonymous said...

Just discovered you. Real comments to follow when I am up to speed. I have canceled my appointments tomorrow to stay in and read the whole blog. Extra-cheese blessings to you and your family.

Alex said...

BTW, Papa Johns pizza sucks compared to any local Italian place that makes pizza. This is a truism. Now maybe out in Austin they don't have any Italian restaurants.

Anonymous said...

I like your ideas on pizza and comic books...but have found that 99% of the people we serve don't care that I named all my pizzas after movies...and that the work you put into being crteative and special dough? will be important to so few people it isnlt worth the effort...

also you have to consider that some names are trade marked and the people that own the names will come after you...hsd it happen

now that I have squashed all life and positive energy from your dream...the other end of the spectrum is that nothing ever came from someone who said...I am opening a pizza shop and going to serve cheese and pepperoni....every success started from a dream.

Unknown said...

Alex: uhhh, good to know? And I'm sure there are good italian restaurants and good independent pizza. Someone (surely not me) is going to an independent pizzeria a week here ->

Anonymous2: I'm in your 1% that does care! And you haven't crushed the life out of my dream. I know that the end product will be far from my dream, but it is the nature of such things and I'm not at all discouraged. It will happen, it will be awesome. And that 1% that comes in and cares about my cool named pizzas will be my favorite 1%, the kind that get a free hug with every pizza.

Unknown said...

I do not answer when people ask who is it? I wait a few seconds and knock again. When they come to the door and act pissed, I say innocently do you expect people to understand you through a door (this works great if the TV is on)? Since 70% of the people who ask it are non tipping trash, I enjoy their anger as my tip. Remember Pizza Girl never let them win. Sometimes you just have to key their car on the way back to yours and laugh inside. Of course 70,000 plus deliveries (I have been doing this too long) will make you as evil as me but you can join the dark side early. Oh and the best music to ever make money too if you want to get pumped and aggressive is Marilyn Manson. I have had so many $100 dollar nights with him riding shotgun. Just remember to let it all go as soon as you clock out. Five minutes after work and I can not even tell you 5 of the 20 or more places I went. I leave the pizza place and make sure my friends are non pizza people so we won't even talk about work on accident. Just some survival tips from an old man (at 34 I feel ancient at work) who has done it all and realized at the end of the day that it was all just a BS pizza place.