Wednesday, April 7

4/6 Trapped!

Last night was slow and I was feeling complainy. We had ten drivers and few orders and Little Yellow wasn't sending anyone home. I suppose I understand why he did it, but it doesn't mean I like it. We have an inspection today, I believe his first one as GM, so he was freaking out about having everything clean. I cleaned the running boards, I cleaned the grates on the front of the soda coolers, we topped every box in the store (glued the coupons on) (which in retrospect is still easier than topping all of them before we fold them).

I only took 6 deliveries in the three hours I was there. That's two deliveries per hour. One delivery every thirty minutes. That sucks. I should be able to take at least twice that. Of those six, only one tipped well and one tipped acceptably (actually, the acceptable one was to the apartment complex literally right next door to the store and in the building right next to the gate, someone talented could probably piss off the roof of their building and hit our store if the wind was right). My worst was when a dude folded up a single and handed it to me really smooth, like he was somehow buying my favor discreetly.

I made $22 off of 6 (incorrectly reported on Twitter because I forgot about the quarters). A meager $2.38 per delivery.

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Alex said...

Pizza girl - perhaps you're in the wrong line of business if you are wanting the big $$$.