Friday, November 20

Why DO I keep doing this job?

Apparently Wednesday and Thursday there was some crazy flame war going down on the Savannah craigslist rant and rave board (found out bc I suddenly got a ton of traffic from there) the jist of which was one disgruntled delivery girl vs. internet trolls (some of which suggested that she just get a better job or quit bitching).

I got to thinking. Why do I keep doing this job? I've certainly been just as disgruntled as the original pizza girl poster; I've ranted and raved about shitty tippers and inconsiderate people; and I've been so close to quitting that I almost walked out. It's easy to get caught up on the fact that the tipping system is broken (especially when it comes to pizza delivery in which there is very little variance between bad and good service on the part of the driver).

I keep delivering because it's fun. At the end of the night I've enjoyed driving around, I enjoy making pizza, and I try to separate the bad from the good.

Regarding shitty tippers: They know about tipping and simply don't care. They don't care that I work hard, they don't care that they are ripping me off. These are the same type of people who cut you off in traffic and wear expensive clothes with the tag still on so that they return them later. And my words don't reach these people. They have no interest in my blog, but they do lurk discussion boards like Craigslist waiting to jump on and flame any topic. That's why I'm not there. I don't write for shitty tippers. The people that my words do reach know that tipping is important (and if they didn't before they started reading, they do now).

Craigslist pizza girl, if you're reading this, email me or hit me up on Twitter, we should be friends. Despite how much the job sucks we've got a little community of pizza delivery girls and dudes (as well as some waitresses and waiter-dudes) that are there for support whenever you get overwhelmed.

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NCBohemian said...

Really liked this post. You're right -- the people who need our knowledge the most aren't going to read your blog (or my book, when it's finished). If the pizza girl to whom you referred ends up finding you, send her to me on Twitter, too. (I'm your pal @abohemian.)