Wednesday, February 9

Blue (Bleu?) Cheese and Fruit

I had a blue (bleu?) cheese pizza last night that didn't make me want to hurl.  I really detest blue cheese.  It smells like feet (I will not be licking your feet either!) and gets up under my fingernails when I have to dig it out of the container to make a blue cheese pizza.  I realize that there are people out there who smell it and think "yum, my kind of feety mildew".

Eryn at work has been trying to get a fruit pizza on the menu for a while.  Breaking onto the menu isn't an easy thing.  First, we're not in charge of recipes whatsoever.  We have no say.  Second, even the people who are in charge of recipes take months to settle on the right combination of toppings.

Eryn made a pizza last night that was apple slices, fresh mozzarella, blue cheese (she was thinking Gorgonzola but blue is what we have available at the restaurant), freshly cracked black pepper, crushed walnuts, and honey (drizzled on top after it came out of the oven).  I agreed to try a slice despite my misgivings about the stinky blue stuff.

It wasn't bad at all.  The consistency of the blue cheese was nice (I suppose that I never really thought much about the texture of it because my senses were distracted with not thinking about cleaning out months old tupperware containers that had been lost to the back of the refrigerator).  In fact, I would probably maybe order it off the menu.

I wish her good luck in getting it approved.


jon spencer said...

Blu cheese and a rare to medium rare chunk of good beef is very good combo.
With some real artisan bread a blu cheese sandwich can be wow.
Blu on a pizza is not something that I think would be interesting.
Now I am talking about good blu cheese, not your typical grocery store fare.

SkippyMom said...

I had to laugh at the line "my feety kind of mildew".

I love bleu cheese, especially with fruit, but I do appreciate why it is not popular with everyone.

And I have never seen it spelled blu.

Unknown said...

Jon: The restaurant where I work uses Stilton. On the pizza it's paired with some fresh mozz and port wine reduction drizzled over it at the end. It's also pretty popular with sausage on it. I don't know about the rare beef though, blue cheese plus meat is a nightmare for my food neuroses (I have weird issues with meat).

Skippy Mom: I was going to try to come up with something that I eat that most people find repulsive but I just can't think of any that are good. Most of mine fall into things that just happen to be food neuroses of people around me (eggs, mushrooms, etc).