Friday, February 11

Socializing Cranky

I'm not very well socialized.  I'm like the dog at the shelter who acts all depressed because no one will play with it but it's my own damn fault because I spend all of my time in the part of the cage that they can't reach, but when someone takes me out of the cage I jump all over them because I don't know how to get in that middle place with the tail wagging but without the licking.

This has to do with pizza, I swear.  Not the being weird part, the socializing.

Last night I went to a local meetup tweetup thing and I found myself talking about pizza a lot.  It's not that I don't like talking about pizza, I just hate feeling like I'm marketing myself.  It's a place filled with marketing and PR people and they're pretending to be interested in what I'm saying (and maybe they are) and yet I still feel weird.  Perhaps it's because I won't even feign reciprocity.  I don't care who they market for, I'm not their next client; even when I do get a pizzeria, I doubt I'll be hiring a marketing firm.

I think from now on when people ask me why my tag says Pizza Girl, I'm just going to shrug and say I like pizza.

Eh, maybe I'm just being cranky this morning.  I did actually find a couple of interesting people to follow on Twitter, so I can't complain too much.


Travelin' Mike said...

It's always nice to find good people to follow on twitter! BTW- Pizza rocks.

Nick said...

Okay, guess I'm outta the loop, but what exactly is a meetup tweetup? And why is it filled with marketing and pr people? (I feel something crawling on my skin just thinking about being in a room of em)(And when you get your pizza place, I promise you're just throwing your money away if you're throwing it at MBAs)

I do think it's cool that your tag says Pizza Girl, though. And the metaphor from the first paragraph is compelling...(To say the least)...

Unknown said...

Nick: A meetup/tweetup is an event where you can meet the people that you follow in town and they can meet you. It's actually pretty neat. The problem is that PR and marketing people all follow each other in this big circle jerk and therefore they all go to these things to "network" and sometimes, in the course of meeting other interesting people, one might end up in a loose grouping of these people and they are really good at paying attention and pretending to care (because that's what they do and they like what they do as opposed to, say, the waitress who pretends to care to get your bigger tip and then talks about how much their job sucks when they're hanging out at the bar afterward), the trick is that they sometimes want to you join their big circle and I only follow people who are actually interesting.

Oh, and I will definitely not be hiring PR or marketing people. Fuck that. I can engage customers for free.