Tuesday, October 20

10/17 10/18 Back in the Swing of Things

Saturday night was pretty normal. Not really busy, but I was happy enough to be at work after my fantastic Friday night. Of course, when I have one of those great nights I try to remember that I'll have a shitty night that will even it out. Sunday was very slow. Goofball went home early and I got a lot of reading done.

Store Gossip:
  • Goofball is two-timing us by delivering for the rival chain in town (another one of the big three).
  • Ferngully isn't on the schedule. I don't know if she quit or what during the two weeks I was gone.
  • We hired a new Bopper, she showed up for training (watching training videos*) wearing a sheer zebra print top, tight jeans, and lots of eye-makeup. Don't know what to call her yet. All I know is later on the make-line El Jefe was asking Thing One and Thing Two why they rolled their eyes when they saw who was training and I didn't hear their reply.
*sidenote on training videos - I never had to watch them but I was forced to overhear a bit while doing dishes (I had half of the dishes and since I got to pick first I did the big dishes which account for half the work. I did them right and didn't screw over the person with the second half). This particular was was on what to do if our computer systems go down; how to take orders etc. Haha! Our Boppers can barely take phone orders WITH the computer system. I'd hate to be the one that ends up without a calculator and has to do math in their head.

Not amusing
  • Stiffed - Got to the house and the lady comes out and says she didn't have enough cash so she's going to write me a check for the rest. You would think that meant maybe she'd put a tip in with it. Nope. $28 cash and a check for $2.84. Really? You couldn't have written it for I dunno, $5. Still an unacceptable tip, but at least it's something.
  • Stiffed - When I give out more than $10 in change, I know they have the money to tip me. This happened twice. Jerks.
  • Stiffed - Came to the door and there were no lights on the porch and no lights on inside. Guy counted out money by the light of the street light. Exact change.
  • Stiffed - they barely spoke English so I give them a free pass on the tipping, this time. This is one of the times I wish I could do a little education. A pamphlet maybe?
  • Got paid entirely in ones. What do I look like, a strip club?

  • Delivered to a young Elvira look-a-like, I wondered if she was just gearing up for Halloween, but I don't think so. The look wasn't over-the-top enough to be just for Halloween.
  • My favorite low-water crossing is covered by water. We've had a lot of rain recently and the creeks are flowing fairly consistently. I miss driving over it, but I'm glad that they may finally upgrade us from extreme drought to moderate drought.
  • I made the snap decision to go down a long country driveway knowing that I couldn't tell if I'd have room to turn around. I ended up having to back out the whole way and I didn't hit anything or go off the road! (I'm a terrible backer)

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Oh, the workplace drama. Makes you want to stick around the job just so you can see what will happen. Haha~ Hope you wouldn't be involved in any drama soon.