Thursday, September 9

Beautiful Pizza

An update on my skills: I was shown the other day how to use the long-peel (I wish I knew if there was a proper name for this tool; it's essentially a small metal paddle with a long handle that's used to manipulate the pizza within the oven) without burning myself. Previously, when manipulating the pizzas (especially if they are in the back of the oven) I was burning my left hand and outer wrist. Even using the new technique (using the mantle as a pivot point instead of my left arm) I'll need to get faster at working the pizzas when there's more than one in the oven, but this should help when there's only one or two pizzas in.

I'm also getting better at perfectly cooking the pizzas. If you look at the picture above you'll notice the bottom is spotted, there aren't any wide swaths of burned part nor does it flop when lifted (ok, the above pizza did flop a little but that's because I loaded it with sauce and cheese which is something our crust isn't designed for).

Here's some other pizza porn for your enjoyment (I didn't personally make either of these):

Potato Goat Cheese add sausage (actually pretty good though I think next time I'm going to try it with mushrooms instead)

Pizza Florentine - reduced spinach, mozzarella, garlic, egg over easy - one of the experimental Sunday morning pies


Keeneye said...

Beautiful pies my friend. Go easy on those pinenuts -- they're bloody expensive!

And the burns? Oh, the burns. I hear ya!

Although, I don't think I've burned in a while. Maybe repetitive motion is a learned trait when spinning pies.

Flushy McBucketpants said...

are the potatoes on that potato-goat cheese pizza seasoned? it looks like there's something sprinkled on 'em. if not, maybe some fried garlic and roesmary? either way it looks scrumdideleeumptious.

Unknown said...

Flushy: The potatoes are seasoned with salt and rosemary (and then cooked in our pizza oven).

Alex said...

God these pizzas look delicious! If I weren't on a restricted carb-diet, I'd dig in immediately!