Tuesday, September 14

More Pizza-related Pictures

Spotted at my local movie theater. Despite not being enthused about the movie (haven't seen it but it looks rather boring), I love this advertising.

The boys decided that they wanted Frito pie. Being at a pizza place, the natural thing was to try to put it on a pizza dough. They picked up a few things at the convenience store next door (Wolf brand chili, Fritos, and pickled jalapenos) and added a few things we keep on hand (white cheddar, red onions, and cherry peppers). It was actually pretty good. If we cranked up the quality of the chili about two notches it would have been delicious.

There is a giant whisk in our breakroom. I assume it's for mixing dough though I've never been around during dough-making time, so I don't know for sure. I can just imagine making brownies with this thing and getting to lick the utensils.

At night, to clean the oven floor, we scrape all of the coals over the floor. It is one of the most beautiful things I've seen (and this picture doesn't even begin to do the sight justice). In real life, the coals don't look this bright but instead create an awesome fiery glow throughout.

Our caramelized onions look and feel like worm guts.

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