Tuesday, July 12

Family Reunion pizza

Over 4th of July I was summoned a family reunion in Oklahoma.  To the non-pizza world I recount the success of the family reunion as thus:
  • 5 mosquito bites
  • 0 chigger infestations
  • 1 wasp chase
  • 1 beetle in my hair
  • 13 daddy long-legs sighted
  • and that (which gives you only a small idea of the number of small moths I encountered and sometimes ran from but never once had a all-out panic attack about like I would have had one of those daddy long-legs touched me) ->
To you pizza people, I will account for the vacation by the number pizzas I sampled which is three.

When I'm among family I try to instill a little Austin in them and not get chain pizza, so the first night there (after a 2 1/2 hour to the Sams club in "the city"*) on our way home we ordered pizza from Keys Pizza.

It's not bad pizza.  In fact, if you were ever stuck in Northeast Oklahoma and your options were Keys Pizza, Pizza Hut, and B&J Restaurant, take the pizza (at least their mushrooms aren't canned!).

Actually, the sauce wasn't bad, the cheese wasn't bad, the toppings weren't bad, and the crust was a bit chewier than I like but still wasn't bad.

*I'm going to call Tulsa "the city" and Tahlequa, Muskogee, Keys, etc "town"

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Alex said...

Those pizzas look tasty!