Thursday, October 14

Pizza Adventuring

If you haven't already found it, I've been doing something else wonderful and pizza related lately. My good friend Ian and I have been pizza adventuring all around Austin. It started in March when we were matched on a dating site (we ultimately didn't end up dating, but it did spark a wonderful friendship). We decided to meet at House Pizzeria and that's where I tried my first traditional margherita pizza as well as my first pizza out of a wood fired oven. I explained to him that I had a dream to one day try every single pizzeria in Austin, but that I had not yet found a fellow-adventurer. He volunteered and we decided to blog everything as Austin Pizza Adventuring.

So far the experience has been wonderful. We've eaten good pizza, bad pizza, perplexing pizza, and everything in between. I invite you to check it out and drool over the pizza porn (we try to get pictures of every pizza we eat).


Alex said...

I love margherita pizza! Trader Joes makes a good fresh personal size one that you bake, it's scrumptious!

SkippyMom said...

That pic' looks so good I think that is what I am making for dinner tonight. Thanks :) - and I will definitely check out the new blog.

Unknown said...

Alex: I don't even know if we have Trader Joes here. I know that Whole Foods makes a pizza dough, but I always feel a little too intimidated (and broke) to go in there. I keep telling myself that I'm going to buy some kitchen implements on which to cook things, but somehow that money gets funneled into books, TShirts, and pizza.

SkippyMom: Thanks! That one was from Salvation Pizza. They had the *best* garlic bread. One day I shall create a holy union between the garlic bread of Salvation and the marinara sauce of Spartan Pizza. The Christian Gods and the Greek Gods shall be one and the universe will cease to exist because perfection will have been reached.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new project! I agree with your assessment of Salvation's garlic bread but I've never been to Spartan. Obv. I have some catching up to do!