Sunday, July 31


You know how when you're PMSing things just get taken the wrong way every single time?  (Maybe you don't know because you're a dude, but I'm going to ask you to imagine.)  I know that they're probably not being as big of jerks as I'm perceiving, and yet things just stuck in my craw tonight.


That was the biggest one.  Eggs.  Left out on the rack to "warm up" so they won't be so runny on the pizza.  And then me speaking up that I didn't think it was a good idea and getting shut down with a "it's ok. We were told to do this and it takes 4-5 hours for them to go bad."

Well, every single egg left in there has had at least 1 hour of that taken away at this point.  Even egg #7 who probably won't get used tonight at all.  Heck, egg #3 probably won't get used.  Egg #1 and #2 are iffy.  Let's hope that they've put them away after I left because otherwise hour 2 and hour 3 might just tick away with no one noticing.

I don't even want to hear anything about a 700 degree oven killing any bacteria.  I prefer not to take chances with perishables that cause 11,000 cases of food poisoning a year.

While we're on it... WASH YOUR GOD DAMN FUCKING HANDS EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU HAVE JUST GOTTEN RAW EGG ON YOUR HANDS.  With soap.  Before you touch something else.  Por favor.

Perhaps it's just me being crazy.


Janet said...

That's just gross. I hate when people don't wash their hands!

SkippyMom said...

Yes - wash your hands.

Although I find the idea of eggs on pizza scary to begin with - in some parts of Europe they don't refrigerate eggs like we do here. You find them on shop shelves and not in the refridgerated section.

Just a thought.

Unknown said...

I was also advised that farm fresh eggs (or backyard chicken eggs) can be unrefrigerated for a week or more. I just have a problem mentally getting to that point because it was hammered home that eggs go in the refrigerator.